I just saw a commercial for Kindle on TV (or see it on YouTube) that struck me as ironic.  You're supposed to feel good because the attractive girl and guy get to read their new Kindle book together.

The irony is that the companies that produce content like this would probably love to make it illegal to read a Kindle together with another person.  (And they could, just by adding a term to the license agreement.) OK, so that's a stretch – I think even the movie studios haven't been so blinded by greed as to forget that people watch movies because they can watch them together. People read books so they can talk about them together, too.

Still, it looks like the popular e-book vendors have got the lending locked down pretty tight (something like only being able to lend certain books, only once, for only 2 weeks.)  I'm all for authors being paid royalties and having their copyrights respected, but the only "rights" that get "managed" by DRM are the rights of corporations to make money.

I do like saving some trees, though.  That is all.