October last year the MPAA sent this document to the Office of the US Trade Representative about the top pirating websites in foreign countries, presumably to give an idea of what they hoped to solve with new IP legislation.

Page 5 says that Megaupload.com/Megavideo.com are hosted in the Netherlands.  They're the top site in the category of "Infringing Download and Streaming Hubs".  "An estimated 500 servers in the Netherlands are required to host this volume [of traffic]... Both websites host files through Leaseweb in the Netherlands."  Jobs, money, American property, theft, illicit, blah blah, OK.  Clearly we need to do something about these foreign sites!

Fast forward a few months to today, where they just busted Megaupload.com.  The MPAA's chairman and CEO Chris Dodd (former Senator) says,

This criminal case, more than two years in development, shows that law enforcement can take strong action to protect American intellectual property stolen through sites housed in the United States. Similar tools are needed to go after foreign-based websites that threaten the livelihoods of the 2.2 million hardworking Americans whose jobs depend on the motion picture and television industry, and the millions of others who produce creative content in this country.

(my empahsis)  Oh, so Megaupload.com is housed in the United States now.  Did the site relocate to the US, that cozy haven for piracy, since the MPAA's earlier statement about it being foreign?  Maybe they emphasize parts of it that are domestic today, so they can push for new foreign-facing legislation tomorrow?  Or is it just "hosted" wherever is politically expedient on any given day?