From the BYU Testing Center Website:

Annually, the BYU Testing Center administers more than 700,000 tests returning over 1 million class-hours back to the university. (emphasis added. source)


The Testing Center allows BYU Faculty and Staff to administer their tests in the Testing Center instead of the classroom. This provides the following advantages:

  • Tests don't take up valuable lecture time.
  • Tests can be written to take 2 or 3 hours. Tests administered during class time are usually limited to one hour.
  • Tests can be available to the students for a longer period of time (usually 3 days). This provides greater flexibility to the students allowing them to take the test at more convenient times. (emphasis added. source)

I have often heard "There won't be class on X day, because of the test in the Testing Center."  (Usually I'm happy to hear this.)  Is the instructor saying he/she doesn't consider "lecture time" all that "valuable"?  That the most "convenient time" for a student to take a test is, in fact, during class time, when the students have already committed the block of time out of their week?  That if the test takes "2 or 3 hours", it would be unfair to ask the student to "return class-hours back to the university"?

I don't really know what to think, it's just interesting, maybe a little annoying.